My name is Bibhusit Tripathy. I prefer to be known as Bib ThePhysicist, for the sake of my love and passion towards my work, i.e., Researching and Communicating Science.

My field of Science is Physics, which is the most fundamental approach to know and understand nature.

Academically, as of now, I am a science graduate working to join one of the leading Physics Research Institutes in India as an Integrated PhD fellow. Occupationally, I take high school Physics classes both online as well as offline.

This is my portfolio website where I can be contacted for all concerns pertaining to my businesses.

On this page of my site, you can find my handpicked lesser known online public information resources and tools which I find impressive enough to use and share.

Resource Links

Useful links for information and tools
1My YouTubeCategorized playlists of lectures, trivia, Ted talks, tutorials, etc.
2PTable.comAn Interactive and dynamic Periodic Table
3 Scientific CalculatorThe legend Web2.0 calc
4Functions PlotterA plotter from Web2.0 Calc
5Astronomical CalendarCalendar of the Celestial Astronomical Events