When I woke up from this dream, it seemed like just another interesting dream of mine, a fantasy maybe, that has too little or no significance to my past reality. However, the fact that I had to write this dream for someone who is interested to understand me, made me rethink this dream to recreate an accurate and vivid representation of it. And then it occurred to me, that just like every dream, this dream too has deep meaning to my mind and all the states it has gone through till date. That is a fact as has been claimed in his book, ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by my psychology professor Late. Dr. Sigmund Freud, ‘no dream is without significance to the life of the person who sees it.’.
In my school days, my intelligence was taken as a race horse by my own parents and teachers. It was being force fed with knowledge so that I could win races and earn accolades for my parents and school. Their approach had a devious tag ‘Result Oriented Approach’. And I was a novice to life. I could not protest that this approach takes away all the essence of a human life by artificially and mindlessly depriving a human life from its most fundamental right… Freedom. Thus I was too busy for my board exams when I was in 10th std. The very thing I was in love with, used to scare me…. Knowledge. Maybe ‘Love’ loses its meaning outside the context of ‘Freedom’.
Not in the dream though. In this dream I was still a Space enthusiast. I was in 10th std. I never studied or tried to establish myself through exams, certificates, ranks, scores, appreciations and attentions. My family and teachers were supportive. Thus I was happy being an average student on paper.
Something unexpected happened. Someone in NASA read my article about Supernovas and the amazing phenomena they contain, which I had published in my school magazine. Supernova is the effect given rise by a star’s death. Stars are nuclear fueled objects. When they run out of the natural nuclear fuel, the star collapses under its own gravity which tends compress the star. In the absence of radiation force from nuclear reactions there is nothing that can oppose this compressive force. Thus the star dies with simultaneous spectacular explosions of millions of nuclear bombs, the bombs which would otherwise had been left unactuated. A galaxy is a collection of billions of stars, planets, moons, rocks, etc, naturally revolving around each other in complicated paths called orbits.
Somehow the article had made its way to a NASA scientist and then to a panel of scientists who were trying to figure out a phenomenon in a nearby supernova in a neighbouring galaxy. They were being puzzled by a sustained lightning being observed for longer that it should have lasted in the supernova. However no artificial device could capture the vital signals to be analysed about that. Thus they had to send some experts… A few chosen geniuses… In what seemed to be most likely a one way trip to the galaxy… In case something wrong happened, any help sent from the Earth would be too late.
And I was among the selected few. I was always interested in space missions and being a part of them. The fact that I may have to sacrifice my life for knowledge and science, did not scare me. Rather it made my life more meaningful. So I had signed the bond. Along with me, there was a Japanese skinny girl from school too. She never really spoke much. And we had a few elder scientists and engineers. We were taken to the launch pad via a chartered plane. The plane flew really fast. I was so much in haste that I had forgotten to take some essential things with me… Like my spectacle box. Ha Ha.
The astonishing fact of fantasy was that there was air rich in Oxygen on the planet we landed on. That planet was the closest to our targeted Supernova and was part of the same galaxy as that of the supernova. Moreover, the temperature and atmospheric pressure was very close to those at the tropical regions of Earth. In short, it was an exo-planet… An extra solar planet… A naturally habitable planet like our Earth which exists outside of our solar system. I was in my shorts and tee-shirt. With all our equipment properly set and functioning, we all began to take readings and got too engrossed in analysing the data being received from the lightning like phenomenon from the supernova. But we still missed a missing piece. We were too far away to obtain that from the radiations we got from that distance. Someone had to go near the supernova… Near the point where lightning was happening. I did not want to lose that chance. So, without spending much time on arguments, I slipped out on a flying module… Alone with my instruments…
Never really thought if I would come back alive…
It was too beautiful to visit….
And I woke up with a smile.
Here is how that mysterious event looked like from the exoplanet we used as our mission base camp.

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